We’ve established a fresh approach to financial planning

Each step of our process ensures we understand the unique needs of each of our clients, and assist them in reaching their personal and business goals.

Long term planning starts with understanding. We’ll invest the time to ensure we clearly understand your needs, create a comprehensive plan for you, then support you as you work towards your goals in manageable phases. We build solutions using sound methodologies that help you weigh your options, and find the best fit for your lifestyle and long term goals. We’ll consider all facets of the best plan for you, and connect you with trusted partners to ensure we cover all your needs.

We take away the worry by helping you plan for different outcomes, then review the plan regularly so you can keep taking the next step toward your future.



Initial Consult

1. Initial Consult

Our first appointment will give us a chance to introduce ourselves, and walk you through our process. We’ll discuss the details of your current plan, and your feelings toward it. We’ll determine if our process aligns with your needs and how we might best work together. We’ll review mutual expectations and next steps with you so the path is always clear.



2. Discovery

We’ll complete the research to find solutions that will give you the best opportunities to reach your goals, both short-and long-term.



3. Recommendation

Once we have compiled all relevant information, we design a strategy tailored to your needs. We then meet with you to review our recommendations and discuss why each is important to meeting your goals. We’ll present our solutions, and discuss how we should proceed with each element discussed. We’ll answer all your questions, and ensure you understand the products we are recommending.



4. Implementation

We take care of everything needed to implement the strategies we’ve agreed to put into motion, including completing all necessary paperwork. Whether opening up investment accounts and initiating transfers or applying for insurance and coordinating medical consultation, we handle all the back- end administration to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible. Once the implementation is complete we review what has been completed and explain how the client can monitor the plan.


Review and Modification

5. Review and Modification

We keep you involved and provide regular reviews of your risk management strategy and investment performance. We meet with you according to the service arrangement agreed upon during the implementation process. This could be quarterly, semi annually, annually or every few years depending on the complexity of the program and the level of involvement you wish to have. We will regularly review the risk planning strategy to ensure your needs are still being met, as well as the investment strategy to ensure the portfolio design is in line with your goals. We’ll ensure that ongoing modifications are made to help you achieve success.